Mike and Tiffany Testimonial

Good afternoon Mike and Tiffany:

I have been traveling all week and just returned home from Scottsdale, AZ. In my mail was the deed to our new lakefront property on Lake Gaston which brought a smile to my face knowing we are one step closer to building our dream home several states south of Connecticut. I am excited with the prospect of warmer weather and warmer people.

As Tracey and I think about our future plans, we would be remiss not to express our sincere appreciation to the two folks who were so instrumental in introducing us to the lake Gaston area and finding us the perfect lot with everything thing that we desired for our next home. I know satisfying the wants and needs of Tracey and I both can be a real challenge but you guys rose to the occasion and exceeded our expectations throughout the process. I found myself over the course of our engagement referring to you at first as my realtors to now as friends. When I get your check-in texts, people say who is that and my response “friends of ours in VA” and for that we thank you!

Having relocated with The Hartford six times I am familiar with the real estate buying and selling process and have dealt with some top notch agents assigned to corporate executives. You guys stand at the top when I compare my past experiences to our most recent with you. You took the time to understand what we were looking for and worked hard to show us homes and lots alike. You quickly honed in on what we were looking for, never pushing at a compromise and you keep our interest at the forefront. Now, here we are soon to be neighbors and I want you to know we thank you for your professionalism, patience, perseverance, negotiations and great advice along the way. I am not familiar with your organizational structure and would ask that you pass this along to whomever may be a position to evaluate your performance. Our evaluation is A++ J.

Thank you again friends and soon to be neighbors!