Bought a home in 2009

Nearly five years ago as I approached retirement my focus began shifting towards leaving my residence in the Washington, DC Metro Area. It seemed I’d done all I could do and had to do there in as many as 36 years. Our initial desire was to find a new home in NC (in the Triangle area) which would place me closer to my Mom. It was now time to contact Mike Dotti whom I’d met two years earlier through a very good mutual friend of ours. Mike responded immediately to our call and very professionally, I might add. Using all available modes of communications, we began receiving emails, packages, phone calls and a website from Mike providing all kinds of information related to house searching and purchasing. There was so much to consider and with each there were comparisons already done for us including state and local taxes, schools, business districts, shopping, churches, social clubs and associations, entertainment, weather patterns, activities on the lake, weekly, monthly and annual activities in both NC and VA. Although I was definitely not set on purchasing a home in VA, Mike must have studied and listened to me better than I ever knew because he never relented through all of the snubs I gave him house after house after house in NC. In the midst of our nearly week long stay in the area while we shopped Mike must have felt that we needed a break. So in order to help us to relax and release a bit of pressure he took us out for a boat ride on his own boat and if ever there was a perfect day for it, that day was. Everything was perfect . . . the wind, sun, temperature, and of course the water. The timing couldn’t have been better. There was now one day left for our house searching, my specs had been revised several times and still no decision. Just as we’d decided that we were going back home without having found a house we received a phone call from Mike informing us that he’d found our ‘Dream House.’ At this point I really didn’t know what to expect but later, as we approached the house, excitement grew like wild fire! Seeing the house from a distance, my heart began to beat rapidly! Oh My Goodness! When we stepped out of the car I could hear the house speaking to me saying “What took you so long?” Once inside and after seeing the kitchen the remainder of my picky specifications just disappeared! The kitchen was to ‘die for’ and without seeing the whole house my mind was made up, no matter what else and the rest is history. We were able to get away from the D.C. Metro Area, all of its woes and have been as happy as Larks since then. No second thoughts, no regrets and we are now completely ‘de-stressed.’ Ronald Fells Elaine Rice-Fells