Lake Gaston Golf and Country Clubs


For any prospective Lake Gaston newbie, there is a lot to consider in terms of entertainment and community events.

Here in the Lake Gaston area, there are many golf and country clubs that help to provide just the entertainment you’re looking for.

One of my personal favorites is Tanglewood Shores Golf and Country Club located in Bracey, VA. This country club includes a 9-hole golf course that is available for use year round. This amazing club also has a newly renovated family-friendly swimming pool and a recreational area on the lake, which includes a covered pavilion, picnic tables, grills, playground, swimming area, and so much more. Property owners in the Tanglewood community are automatically members and can enjoy the many amenities by paying a daily or yearly fee. If you ask me, Tanglewood Shores is a fantastic place with its profound sense of community and class.

Another local favorite of mine is the River Ridge Golf and Camping Club. This non-profit gated community has over 1,500 camper and mobile home lots and over 1,000 property owners. River Ridge includes a 9-hole golf course with 2,922 yards of green, a community sized swimming pool, a clubhouse, and a Kountry Kitchen. Yep, that’s right, Kountry with a K. They enjoy keeping things unique.

If a full 18-hole course it more your style, the Lake Gaston Golf Club, located in Gasburg, VA, may be what you’ve been looking for. Not only do they supply an 18-hole golf course on 5,914 yards of playing space, but they also offer stay-and-play packages. Teaming up with The Club at Lake Gaston Resort, you can stay the night or a couple of nights in their waterfront motel.

Next we have The Warrenton Golf Club. This club is a go-to for anything ranging from golf to swimming to tennis or even planning a wedding. Its beautiful grounds and 18-hole, semi-private golf course will leave you breathless at only just a view.

And finally, there is The Club at Lake Gaston Resort itself, located in Gasburg, VA. This place is quite possibly one of the most remarkable clubs in the Lake Gaston area. The Club has an array of amenities including boating, fishing, camping, and swimming. But, that’s not all, their Family Fun Center and Fitness Center offer up even more than you can imagine. They have an indoor swimming pool, shuffleboard court, mini-golf course, racquetball court, an arcade, aerobics club, and plenty of workout equipment. The fitness center also includes a full-sized bowling alley. Take a shot at joining one of their many bowling leagues like the Young At Heart league, or the Southern Night’s women’s league. So much to do at this wonderful resort, it would make the perfect vacation getaway.

Whether you are new or old to the area I would highly recommend you go out and get a feel for these clubs. Even if you are not the biggest fan of golf, you can still find enjoyment in many of their other amenities and create long lasting friendships in these wonderful communities.